Office Fitouts Sydney

  • CLIENT Name hidden for privacy reasons (available on request)
  • YEAR 2015
  • WE DID Website Design, Lead Generation, SEO
  • DETAILSBackground:
    Office Fitout Companies in Australia are some of the hardest working businesses out there. There are long hours, intense health and safety pressures and deadlines to meet. But they can also be profitable if done correctly. This Client of a small to medium sized Fitout company approached us with an aim to become the leading Fitout Specialist in all of Sydney.

    - Build new Website to increase conversions of website visitors, make finding important information easier (contact details, quote forms) and improve value and information website provides.
    - Implement solid, tried and tested, long term search engine optimisation (SEO) plan. Focus on making website more relevant to the search terms that relate to the Client's business.
    - Help implement social media strategy to better communicate with new and existing customers. - Monitor and track results

    Market Analysis:
    For anyone who's worked in more than one Office Building, you'll be familiar with how different the level of quality is between office fitouts from business to business. A beautifully designed and built office stands out, and lifts the spirits of the workers that use it. New fitouts are expensive, and subsequently quite lucrative for Builders.

    Keyword research:
    For this Client we focused on targeting the main, very competitive keyword, "Office Fitouts". The market size is relatively large for, with approx 590 average searches per month for Sydney alone. The average cost per click (CPC) is also very high at $19.45 CPC.

    In addition to this, there was opportunity for more business with the many long-tail keywords that relate to Office Fitouts.

    Website Design:
    The design chosen for this website focused on producing a simple, clean design, with eye catching calls to action that direct potential customers straight to our Clients phone number. The more phone calls, the happier the Client.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    Without giving away any of Yowli's trade secrets, the following is a snapshot of the optimisation techniques utilised to rank the website as fast as it did. This crucial step is the main reason why this website receives so many calls today!
    - Correct on page optimisation for the chosen market;
    - Smart social media integration,
    - Regular updating of social platforms,
    - Safe and effective link building for long term rankings.
  • COMPETITIONHighly competitive search terms in lucrative office fitout industry
    "Office Fitouts Sydney" 590 searches per month; $19.45 CPC
  • RESULTS1st page of google for the top keywords in just 6 months
  • TIME FRAME6 months