Interstate Removalists

  • CLIENT Hidden for privacy reasons (available on request)
  • YEAR 2016
  • WE DID Website Design, Google Maps, SEO
  • DETAILSBackground:
    This Client is a rapidly growing Removalist based in a Major City in Australia. Their current website was outdated and not ranking for any noteworthy keywords in Google. As such the number of people visiting their website each month was practically zero, which also meant the number of leads (both phone calls and emails) they were receiving through it was also virtually non-existent. Despite this however, the Business had been receiving some level of repeat business from years of operation, whilst this was keeping the company afloat, it was also not enough to sustain any sort of growth. In our early discussions, the Client immediately let it be known that He was "Sick of just making do", he was looking to take his business to the next level, we told him "That's where we can help!".

    - Redesign Website to increase conversions of website visitors, make finding important information easier (contact details, quote forms) and improve value website offers.
    - Implement solid, tried and tested, long term search engine optimisation (SEO) plan. Focus on making website more relevant to the search terms that relate to the Client's business.
    - Implement social media foundations to get Client interacting with existing and potential new customers.
    - Monitor and track results

    Market Analysis
    We sat down with the Client and went through the types of services they wanted more business from. We determined that the best jobs for them were the long distance relocations, aka moves interstate as these . These moves can range in value from $1k to $20k+ for one move, depending on the size and type of move. For example, a family moving from Sydney to Perth with all their belongings, including their car, would require a Truck driver to cross Australia (a 3-4 day trip and over 4000km). You can quickly see the costs adding up.

    Keyword Research:
    Now that we found a focus for our Client, we began our Keyword Research into the market, focusing around the keyword "Interstate Removalists". The potential market size, whilst seemingly modest (approximately 140 exact searches per month for the main keyword), targeting this keyword is still beneficial. When you consider the high ticket value of one sale.

    In addition to this, not only are there many long-tail removalist keywords that relate to interstate removals, but the market can also be niched down into the different suburbs of the chosen target city. This done effectively can 10x the quantity of phone calls a Client can receive.

    Website CMS:
    A new website was built and developed for this Client. The CMS platform chosen for this website was Wordpress. The main reason for this is because Wordpress is easy to use and update. It is also used by near 60% of all websites in existence that have a content management system, which means it has the best support of all CMS providers.

    Website Design:
    The design chosen for this website focused on producing a simple, clean design, with eye catching calls to action that direct potential customers straight to our Clients phone number. The more phone calls, the happier the Client.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    Without giving away any of Yowli's trade secrets, the following is a snapshot of the optimisation techniques utilised to rank the website as fast as it did. This crucial step is the main reason why this website receives so many calls today!
    - Correct on page optimisation for the chosen market;
    - Smart social media integration,
    - Regular updating of social platforms,
    - Safe and effective link building for long term rankings.
  • COMPETITIONHighly competitive search term
    Average exact match search volume = 110-140 searches per month
    Average cost per click (CPC) = $17.13 - $19.08 AUD
  • RESULTSTop position in 3 pack "snack box" in for main Keyword CITY
    20-30 qualified leads per website per month (and increasing)
  • TIME FRAME3 months from concept to current rankings